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Property Maintenance:
Tips and Considerations

​Looking to hire a property maintenance service for your townhouse, multi-family residential properties, or storefront in Brooklyn? Consider these important factors before making a decision. With expertise in property maintenance and snow removal, Foot Soldiers offers valuable insights to guide your decision-making process.


  1. Should I do the property cleaning myself? You can save money by cleaning your property yourself, but make sure to consider the necessary safety precautions, especially during snow season.

  2. Should I hire a tenant or family member? It's best to use a professional property maintenance service since they understand legal, accountability, and commitment needs. Additionally, family members and tenants don't usually provide the necessary documentation for tax deductions.

  3. Are professional maintenance services expensive in Brooklyn? Prices vary depending on the services you need and the communication, payment methods, and documentation provided by the company. Research the prices of property management companies and specialized maintenance companies in your area.

  4. Is property maintenance tax-deductible? Most property maintenance costs are tax-deductible for landlords of rental properties. Make sure the company you choose keeps excellent records and provides monthly and/or annual statements.

  5. How important is experience when choosing a property maintenance company? Experience is crucial since it allows companies to develop robust systems and excellent communication. Check their online reviews to see if they have a good track record.

  6. What kind of payments should a company accept? Look for a company that securely accepts all major payment methods, including paper, plastic, and drafts.

  7. How can I check references? You can ask cleaning companies for references, but it's also a good idea to check review sites and their social media pages.

  8. What should be included in the contract? Make sure the contract includes details about service details, weather & safety cancellations, service cancellation, term of agreement, payments & due dates, late fees, defined access areas, indemnity & ticket management, notices, and amendments/modifications.

  9. Should the company offer multiple plans? Yes, it's important to have a variety of options based on property sizes.

  10. Who provides the supplies? For most services, the cleaning company should provide their supplies. However, there may be cases when a property owner wants a specific product or bag used.

  11. What should I know about snow maintenance? It's best to hire professionals to shovel snow since homeowners who are not used to bending, twisting, and tossing snow can hurt themselves. Shoveling snow is also required by law and helps prevent slip and fall accidents. Pretreating your property with a safe anti-icing product before snowfall can also help reduce ice buildup.

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