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​Sign up for 24/25 season begins August 1, 2024

Be part of the change!

Join us and help make Brooklyn a cleaner, more beautiful place. Team members collaborate to eliminate #dirtystreets. We pay well and train well. Don't just work a job – join a movement. Please start your application to join our team of heroes!

  • STEP 1: Identify Needs
    Dirty streets attract rats and are embarrassing. We help property owners with the cleaning management of their property and block. ​ We help you take care ofthe following: Compliantly cleaning after 6:00 PM Sweeping yard/sidewalk/stairway/curb Disposal of flyers, ads & menus Curbing trash/recycling Replacing 45-gallon bags in bins Cleaning up to 3 days per week Guidance and support with DSNY tickets
  • STEP 2: Understand the Value
    We understand that your property is part of a block; when you signup, we're one person closer to adopting your entire block; click here NOW, to see how. Professional Value Communication: Get text alerts, emails and before/after photos Taxes: Hired mainteance is a deductible expense, check with your accountant Local: Our soldiers, are your neighbors Transparent Pricing: See below Reliability Guarantee! Community: We can clean your whole block Compliance: To DSNY rules
  • STEP 3: Signup & Await Estimate
    Use Code: DSNY8pm for 15% Off 1st Month
  • STEP 4: Approve the Estimate
    After completing Step 3 an estimate will be emailed and texted to you awaiting your digital approval. Approve that estimate pay your initial invoice and your ready to go! Share this link with your block association; and be the reason your entire block cleaned once a week!
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