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Who The Heck Are We?


At Foot Soldiers, LLC, we specialize in keeping properties and blocks clean and attractive. As a certified Minority Business Enterprise, we're committed to providing comprehensive services that take the burden of maintenance off your shoulders. Serving Brooklyn, our services include guiding our clients with their sanitation needs, sweeping, trash and recycling removal, hallway cleaning, snow removal, and more. Take a moment to meet our executive team, and learn about our vision, mission, values and history.

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Our Unique Vision

A world where communities thrive with the support of praying families who help maintain them.

Core Values that give us the G.A.S.S we need:

  • God First - Matthew 23.37

  • Accountability - James 4:17

  • Safety - Proverbs 27:12

  • Service - Colossians 3:23


In 2000, Barnabas Uba Shakur's childhood friend, a member of the notorious street gang called the Bloods, was accused and convicted of a crime at the young age of 19, receiving a life sentence. This event deeply affected Barnabas, prompting him to take action. Three years later, at just 23 years old, he founded a nonprofit organization called Bed Stuy's Project Re-Generation, Inc. (PRG) to help prevent other teens in his neighborhood from falling victim to similar circumstances. In 2016, the PRG cleaning program was discontinued, leading to the formation of Foot Soldiers, LLC for property maintenance by former members of the nonprofit.

Note from the owner

"Hello, neighbors!  -Barnabas Uba Shakur


As a successful landlord, you know that keeping your property clean and well-maintained is essential. With our 20+ years of experience, we can help you showcase your commitment to providing a high-quality living experience for your tenants. Let us handle the cleaning and snow removal, so you can focus on being the hero that your neighbors and tenants need.


Dominick Brioché, Chief Operating Officer

I am honored to be known as 'Professor', a title that reflects my lifelong commitment to teaching in various fields, including martial arts, seminary, and academia. Beyond my professional pursuits, I am also proud to be a daughter, sister, and wife. Originally hailing from the vibrant Caribbean island of Haiti, I grew up in the diverse community of Crown Heights, Brooklyn.

Sadly, in recent years, Brooklyn has become overrun with rats and debris, causing a decline in its once-proud reputation. That's why I am proud to be part of Foot Soldiers LLC, which is tackling this issue head-on through its #dirtystreets initiative, one block at a time. We understand that diversity is at the heart of Brooklyn's identity and recognize that all of humanity shares a common bond. As a leader within Foot Soldiers LLC since 2017, I am excited to help effect change in the community by revitalizing pride in oneself and one's neighborhood. We value individual perspectives and needs, regardless of language, culture, or country of origin, and strive to foster an environment where we can all learn something new beyond our city block.

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Marcus Calliste, Chief Financial Officer

After dedicating over 21 years of service to the US military, both in the AF Reserve, Air Guard, and Army Reserve, I retired as a Logistics Officer. However, my passion for service didn't end there. In 2022, I joined Foot Soldiers, LLC to continue making a difference in my community by working to eliminate #dirtystreets As a native New Yorker and a bit of an OCD perfectionist, I'm personally driven to clean up the streets I love. My commitment to community service was also evident during my time as a PR-G Board Member, which inspired me to continue serving as a member of the Foot Soldiers team. With my experience in both military and civil service, I am honored to bring my leadership skills to this team and continue to serve as a dedicated member and servant leader.


Barnabas Uba Shakur, SoG, Cheif Executive Officer

I'm a social entrepreneur who grew up in Bed-Stuy, where I saw firsthand the impact of #dirtystreets associated with poverty and violence. With over 20 years of experience, I've come to understand the vital role that clean streets play in our communities. As a multi-award-winning entrepreneur who is God-led, I'm dedicated to making a positive change in the world, starting with something as simple yet impactful as eliminating #dirtystreets in our neighborhoods.

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Kieshelle George, Dispatcher
Earl Vernon, Account Manager

Hester Davis, Client Advocate

Michaela Gandionco, Executive Assistant

Frances Balancar, HR Assistant


In the News

A variety of News broadcasts and publications have spotlighted Foot Soldiers' leadership including, but not limited to Pix11, NY1, BCAT, NY Times, Daily News, AMNY, Brooklyn USA, Commerce News, Our Time Press, Volvo, and Daily Challenge. In addition, since the Foot Soldier's inception, its social purpose model and leadership have been recognized by major organizations, including Andrew Goodman’s Foundation; Toyota 100 Cars for Good Finalist; CNN Hero of the week Nominee; Independence Community Foundation; Do Gooder Award Finalist; New Yorker of the Week – NY1; Nonprofiteer of the Year – Young Nonprofits Professionals Network; NYC Mayor and Snapple’s “Best People in NYC"; “For Outstanding Commitment to Entrepreneurship” – Emerging Business Leaders’ Summit; Union Square Awardee; “National Social Entrepreneur of the Year” – Oppenheimer Fund; “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” – National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship; Citizen's Committee and Fleet Bank’s “Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award” and “National Student Entrepreneur of the Year” and National Business Plan Competition Champion 1st place – US Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency.


Foot Soldiers in the Press


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