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Our Plan To
Eliminate #dirtystreets

Launched in 2021 Expanding in 2023

We're teaming up with people like you to eliminate Brooklyn's #dirtystreets problem. 

4-step plan for your block

  1. Commit: Seven properties signup for sweeping and trash-curbing services on one street block.

  2. Clean: Empowered by these properties, Foot Soldiers will: 

    1. Remove litter from the sidewalk, curb, and catch basins.

    2. Install a dog waste station and anti-poop signs in tree pits.

  3. Engage: Help spread the word!

    1. Share this page and post photos and videos of dirty streets on social media with the hashtag #dirtystreets.

    2. Send a letter of support to your local elected officials

  4. Involve: Get your neighbor, block association, employer, local businesses, and elected officials involved.

    1. Volunteer below to clean a block. 

    2. Sponsor #dirtystreets.

      1. Donate the monthly fee to a block that needs one more property.

    3. #dirtystreets isn't just littering; we support environmental justice causes including groups like Children of Promise, NYC, a nonprofit fighting other forms of dirt, such as children of incarcerated parents. What happens to them? We give 25% of all donations to support local causes while creating cleaning volunteer opportunities.


Let's transform and replicate in Manhattan, Queens, the Bronx, and Staten Island!

Our Work