Serving townhouses and businesses in neighborhoods like and near Bed-Stuy

COVID-19 has reduced the function of essential services in New York City, resulting in a blight that makes

neighborhoods and business districts unattractive and inaccessible. We need your help to change that! There

are four main ways to get involved.

  1. Sponsorship opportunities

  2. Partner with us as a Foot Soldiers hub

  3. Join our team and sweep the streets

  4. Donate to the cause

In partnership with Bridge Street Development Corporation (BSDC), Children of Promise, NYC, and local businesses, Foot Soldiers will lead a 6-month campaign sweeping our #dirtystreets through our Adopt-a-Block initiative, which will begin Monday, August 9th, 2021.

Adopt-a-Block staff will focus on sweeping sidewalks and curbs and catch basins primarily in Bed-Stuy and some of its surrounding communities. This campaign will create jobs, address the community shared cleaning concerns, and be a community engagement initiative for local businesses to come together. You can help with this project; click one of the buttons below! Keep up-to-date by following our Facebook or Instagram page.

If you're part of a block association in any of the areas we serve and have a #dirtystreets problem. You don't have to wait until our adopt-a-block program starts to do something about it. We have a sweeping-only plan available now for block associations; your block can be cleaned on a one-time or recurring basis.

Local Business Partners

Fellow business owners,


Due to the impact of COVID-19, our streets have had a drastic uptick in the litter, dumping, and graffiti, affecting our businesses and quality of life. This shift has caused widespread anxiety; #dirtystreets are creating trash havens that increase rodent populations. In addition, some of our streets are becoming eyesores. A letter by the Partnership for New York City (PNYC) and over 150 business leaders highlighted the importance of essential services and urged Mayor De Blasio to take action. The city has responded, so we are doing our part and need your business’s help to be part of the solution.

Join the Foot Soldiers as we adopt blocks in and around Bed-Stuy through NYC’s new City Cleanup Corps (CCC) initiative. We need neighboring restaurants or businesses with storefronts to partner with us and provide the following logistical support:

  1. Function as a supply hub for cleaners; storing 2-4 brooms & dustpans, garbage bins, and a couple of boxes of garbage bags.

  2. Provide access to the pickup and return supplies and equipment Sunday - Friday 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm.

  3. Provide one free meal and water (w/refills & ice) for up to two interns each day we service your area (typically 3-days per week).

  4. Provide limited space to help as a cooling station, rest area, and restroom access for a couple of responsible cleaners; it will be hot on some summer days, and our team will need safe rest stops.

  5. Allow space for an intern to charge mobile devices, if necessary, throughout the workday. Our interns and their work will be tracked using their mobile devices. They will be provided with portable chargers, but there may be instances where they need to recharge.

  6. We are seeking one parter in each boxed zone below

Foot Soldiers Adopt-a-Block sample banne

Sample Sponsor Banner

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Corporations, foundations, Are you seeking to do good and enhance visibility in Brooklyn, NY? Our sponsorship opportunity is called Adopt-A-Block, and it focuses on litter removal on targeted residential throughways. Managed and executed by the Foot Soldiers, a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) that specializes in supplemental sanitation services and partnership with Bridge Street Development Corporation (BSDC), a 501(c)3 nonprofit, this opportunity provides brand visibility on approximately 50 3'x6' banners installed on street lights on three throughways targeting 26 street blocks. These throughways are on bus routes that run 24/7; the target areas are prominent streets in Bedford Stuyvesant, Brooklyn. The streets are home to more than 300 residential buildings, restaurants, and unique small businesses that attract patrons daily. Foot Soldiers will sweep and remove litter from the sidewalks, curbs, and catch basins four days each week for twelve weeks with your sponsorship.


BSDC and Foot Soldiers coordinate with the Department of Transportation and local community associations to acquire permits to install branded street-light banners. The three throughways we selected have one active merchant association. They typically attract various patrons, causing trash buildup with limited or no organized sanitation options. In addition, supplemental sanitation services, typical in Business Improvement Districts, are not coordinated on these blocks. We want Adopt-A-Block to encourage partnerships that inspire ongoing auxiliary sanitation services. To learn more and get involved, email us at

Supply Hup Zones.png

Here's what the Foot Soldiers bring to the table and provide for partners:

  1. Sweeping-only services to your store each day we service your neighborhood (typically 3-6 days per week).

  2. 10% discount on our snow removal services.

  3. We will notify hundreds of our local home and commercial property owners of your involvement.

  4. Provide linkage on our website to help increase visibility to your website.

  5. We bring almost 20 years of experience managing the logistics to clean blocks and properties year-round and shovel snow in central Brooklyn communities.

  6. We will provide the Adopt-a-Block community program’s management, planning, logistics, oversight, and operations.