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We are a Neighborhood Maintenance Company 

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Serving townhouses and businesses in neighborhoods like and near Bed-Stuy

Vision: A world where communities are maintained through praying families.

Mission: Use brooms, prayers, and families to clean communities.

Core values that give us the G.A.S.S we need:

  1. God First - Matthew 23.37

  2. Accountability - James 4:17

  3. Safety - Proverbs 27:12

  4. Service - Colossians 3:23


In 2000, a childhood friend of Barnabas Uba Shakur (Foot Soldiers Owner) was accused and found guilty of a crime. Only 19 at the time of his arrest and a member of a notorious street gang called the Bloods; he was given a life sentence. Upon his friend's conviction, Barnabas was devastated and decided to create change. In 2003, at the age of 23, he founded a nonprofit organization called Bed Stuy's Project Re-Generation, Inc. (PRG) to help teens from his neighborhood not fall victim to the same circumstance. 


The PRG catapulted in 2005 with support from the NY Foundation and other foundations and started a community cleaning initiative for homeowners. Through the organization's programs, more than 1,000 teenagers joined, hundreds of local property owners participated, and reached over 3,000 Brooklyn residents through community give-back programs. 


Today: In 2016, PRG stopped the cleaning program. Members of the nonprofit separated, and the Foot Soldiers, LLC  property maintenance was formed. 

Note from the owner:

"Hello, neighbors! 


I'm Barnabas Uba Shakur, from Bainbridge Street and Saratoga (before it was cool :-)). Spent most of my life in this neighborhood. As a kid, I cleaned the apartment building I lived in and shoveled snow to make money. My friends (soldiers) and I knocked on doors, walking miles freezing. As I matured, I started a business and found better, more efficient ways to help my neighbors and their maintenance needs. We understand the need for our community to have a local property maintenance company that provides reliable snow removal services (and more) in Bed-Stuy, Ocean Hill, Crown Heights, and the surrounding areas. We've been providing professional maintenance services for more than15 years. Each year we get better at what we do! We're located in the neighborhood, and it's best to click a link to learn more about snow removal or recurring maintenance.  See all the neighborhoods we serve here.


Before Choosing us | Where do we Serve? | Mission & History | Holiday Schedule | In the News | Enroll now


In the News:

A variety of News broadcasts and publications have spotlighted Foot Soldiers' leadership including, but not limited to Pix11, NY1, BCAT, NY Times, Daily News, AMNY, Brooklyn USA, Commerce News, Our Time Press, Volvo, and Daily Challenge. In addition, since the Foot Soldier's inception, its social purpose model and leadership have been recognized by major organizations, including Andrew Goodman’s Foundation; Toyota 100 Cars for Good Finalist; CNN Hero of the week Nominee; Independence Community Foundation; Do Gooder Award Finalist; New Yorker of the Week – NY1; Nonprofiteer of the Year – Young Nonprofits Professionals Network; NYC Mayor and Snapple’s “Best People in NYC"; “For Outstanding Commitment to Entrepreneurship” – Emerging Business Leaders’ Summit; Union Square Awardee; “National Social Entrepreneur of the Year” – Oppenheimer Fund; “Young Entrepreneur of the Year” – National Foundation for Teaching Entrepreneurship; Citizen's Committee and Fleet Bank’s “Youth Entrepreneur of the Year Award” and “National Student Entrepreneur of the Year” and National Business Plan Competition Champion 1st place – US Department of Commerce Minority Business Development Agency.


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Scheduled Non-Service Days


There will be no sweeping or trash removal services on the following holidays. Based on the Sanitation pick-up schedule, there will be no or limited services on the eve of these holidays. During the snow season, Foot Soldiers will provide snow removal services if NYC streets are open.

  • New Years Day

  • Martin Luther King Day & Eve

  • Presidents' Day Eve

  • Easter Sunday

  • Memorial Day & Eve

  • Juneteenth Day

  • Independence Day & Eve

  • Labor Day & Eve

  • Columbus Day Eve

  • Veterans Day & Eve

  • Thanksgiving Day & Eve

  • Christmas Day & Eve

  • New Years Eve

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