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Termites, carpenter ants, woodboring (powder post beetles)
Termites are very damaging wood destroying insects. Termites are straight with straight antennae, while the worker is without wings and greyish white in color. Workers cause the most damage.

Carpenter Ants
The carpenter ant has a smaller middle section with short back wings and curved antennae. They commonly bore in decayed, moist, wood and sign of their existence is left over grainy sawdust.

Powder-post Beetles
These pests are Reddish brown to black in color with slim bodies. They are limited to infestations in hardwood. Potential signs of infestation are rounded holes in wood and powdery dust that is left behind. Young larvae will damage the hardwood and tunnel to the lower surface of the wood and continue to grow into adults. Signs of this infestation are fine sawdust and exit holes.

Carpenter Bees
The resemble that of a bumble bee, but Carpenter bees nest in burrows or tunnels in the outer surface of wood. They like wood trim and unfinished wood.

Subterranean Termites 
These are the most common type of termites in America. They like moisture, feed on wood, and can cause extreme destruction and structural damage. They come from underground and burrow above to find food. They will infest wood that is untreated or that touches the soil below.

Inspecting for Termites
In warmer temperatures, it may be easier to spot potential signs of infestation, such as: Peeling or blistered paint, sawdust collections, bulging or discoloured siding, tunnels in cracks, shelter tubes on foundation or on basement walls, mass numbers of flying insects, or broken wings in crawl spaces or around foundations.

Whether you’re selling or buying a home or just need us to analyse your problem, Kingsway is the place for you. Let our professional termite consultant perform a thorough inspection, analyse the area and provide a treatment recommendation.



We highly recommend our "special 2 visit" cleanout service with regularly scheduled maintenance visits.

Our initial cleanout service begins with a thorough inspection to locate all nesting sites. We then apply a cleanout dosage of the proper materials to all necessary areas to eliminate the current infestation. We follow up the initial service with a 2nd visit in order to check up on the situation and re-apply materials where needed.

After a clean out service is done, a maintenance schedule should be undertaken. Whether we come weekly, monthly or every other month, materials need to be replenished to keep the infestation from returning and to keep any problems under control.



Ants are a very seasonal pest, mostly during the summer time.

When an ant infestation occurs call us to set up our initial ant cleanout service. We come and apply materials inside and outside of your home. So the ants can carry it back into their nests and share it with the colonies for a more dispersed control.

Ants can have many colonies, so the initial cleanout service should be followed up with weekly or every other week service to re-apply materials, especially to the exterior grounds. This will keep any infestations at bay and help you enjoy your family get togethers and Bar-B-Q’s.

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