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Foot Soldiers Presents: Financial Peace

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Nov. 20

Financial Peace University (FPU) is a popular, life-changing, 9-week course on personal financial management that has enabled thousands of individuals and families to live less stressful and more abundant lives. Class cost $129.99 payable online. The course includes a year of access to FPU online training and access for you and your significant other or accountability partner. 

Webinar Schedule​​​

  • Financial Peace University. Saturdays November 20th - January 29th at noon

    • ​Week 1 Baby Step 1. Save $1,000 for your startup emergency fund & Budgeting

    • Week 2 Paying of Debt using the Debt Snowball

    • Week 3* Save 3 - 6 months of expenses in a fully-funded emergency fund

    • Week 4* Invest 15% of your Household Income into Retirement

    • Week 5* Save for your Child’s College Fund

    • Week 6* Pay off your home early

    • Week 7* Build Wealth and Give

    • Week 8* Real estate and mortgages

    • Week 9* outrageous generosity

    • *Must attend workshops 1 or 2 to attend the and starred training.

Past Webinars

Links below are videos


Emergency Preparedness with Will Cooper.  Wed. June 3 - 5:00 

Staycation Date Night - A Memorial Weekend Virtual Experience.  Fri. May 22

Essential Oils For Household Use. Wed. May 13

Homeowners/Landlords Activate Your Options. Wed. May 6

Holistic Remedies for Wellness. Wed. April, 29

Intro to Self Defense with Professor Brioche. Wed. June 10