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Never Takeout The Trash Again

We help community-minded homeowners who can't stand #dirtystreets. When seven buildings on one block sign up for cleaning services, we sweep the entire block.


Pricing Overview

Foot Soldiers, LLC trash removal

Sweeping + Trash

Property Width

S  <20' M 21'-40L 41'-70'

     Cost​             Duration

  • 179.99/m        1 Day/week

  • $279.99/m   2 Days/week

  • $339.99/m  3 Days/week


Additional cost for properties wider than 41' and with 6+ units

Foot Soldiers, LLC Sidewalkk cracks swee

Sweeping Only

Property Width

S  <20' M 21'-40L 41'-70'

      Cost​            Duration

  • $149.99/m     1 Day/week

  • $179.99/m     2 Days/week

  • $239.99/m ​  3 Days/week


Additional cost for properties wider than 41'.

Foot Soldiers, LLC hallway services


Cost and Discounts

  • Annual Membership Fee: $199.99 

  • Discount: 10% for military owners, seniors, and owners with three or more properties.

"Amazing service! Pricing range based on the size of your building and or need. Pricing is reasonable and fair, especially for the type of service and work that is being done."

Greater Mount Pleasant Housing

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