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Sweeping & Trash

Filthy unkept yards, sidewalks/curbs receive tickets, attract rats, and are embarrassing eyesores. Since finding reliable sweeping and trash solutions is challenging, litter and rat colonies are growing in our neighborhoods. Let us help you be the Superowner Brooklyn needs.

Foot Soldiers Planning Team

Clean Plan: 4 Steps

STEP 1: How We Help

Owners/managers typically w/1 - 10 properties hire us to clean regularly between 8:00 pm and midnight.

Using Foot Soldiers alleviates:

  • Curbing your garbage/recycling 

  • Replacing 45-gallon liners in your bins

  • Sweeping yards/sidewalks/stairways

  • Disposal of flyers, ads & menus


STEP 2: Why Hire Us

Your door-to-curb cleaning solution for

 Consistency, Professionalism, and Reliability 


  1. Reporting: Get text alerts & photos.
  2. Taxes: Deductible expense! 
  3. Local: Our soldiers, your neighbors!

  4. Pricing: Typically $179.99 - $329.99/m.

  5. History: 20+ years of rich history

  6. Loved by our Superowners!

"Amazing service! Pricing range based on the size of your building and or need. Pricing is reasonable and fair, especially for the type of service and work that is being done."

Greater Mount Pleasant Housing

STEP 3: Get Started

STEP 4: Approve Estimate
Goodbye, unkept yard.
Hello,  Superowner!

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