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  1. Exterior Maintenance Tech - Part-time

  2. Interior Maintenance Tech - Part-time

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Our leadership is passionate about helping property owners with their snow shoveling and yard cleaning needs during the snow season. To stay on top of our game, we:

  1. Hire and contract with great people in Brooklyn (maybe you know someone great 🤩).

  2. Fuse technology (our app 📱), a strong work ethic (our culture 🦾 ), and nearly 20 years of developed systems (our experience 😠 🙁 😐 🙂 😁 ) to provide reliable services that our clients (typically townhouses, small apartment buildings, and small business owners) love.


Year-round we hire ShovelersSo if you live in the neighborhood, drive for Uber/Lyft, work with Doordash or any similar company, work part-time, or want to make an average of $350 - $1,000 per snowstorm shoveling around eight nearby properties, signup here. Learn more about shoveling here.

Typical types of shoveling jobs 



We are seeking Shovelers to clear snow from townhouses, businesses, and trapped cars primarily in central Brooklyn, using our app. In addition, before each forecast storm, Shovelers have the opportunity to opt-in to clear snow from 4-8 nearby locations (a typical property takes one person, 30 minutes). This is great for Rideshare drivers, paraprofessionals, the temporarily unemployed (running out of unemployment), contractors, students, residents of Bed-Stuy, Crown Heights, Prospect Heights, Bushwick, Williamsburg, East Flatbush, East New York, or Brownsville.


  1. Use plastic shovels when clearing snow

  2. Pretreat their properties using calcium chloride

  3. Clear snow within 5 hours after the snowfall has ended

  4. Clear 75% of the sidewalk and 100% of all stairways (except trace amount)

  5. Clear a yard path to the front gate and trash area

  6. Evenly distribute calcium chloride on cleared sites.

  7. Upload proper before and after photos to Foot Soldiers App


CONTRACTOR PAYMENT: $40 - $400 (per property)

Foot Soldiers share 40% of each property's revenue with Shovelers according to fee structures determined by the property's size, amount of snow, and time of day. In addition, some properties are eligible for a 50% share payment (e.g., because the Job was at night, between 8 p.m. and - 5:59 a.m. EST, OR on a federally recognized holiday). Shovelers also receive 100% of electronic tips that customers optionally pay.

Transparent prices are located here.



  • Phone requirements to run the application

    • iPhone iOS 7 or newer. iOS 9 for best results

    • Android OS

      • 2013 or newer smartphone Android version 5.0 or newer

  • Have a TIN, EIN, or SS#

  • At least 18 years of age.

  • Government-issued identification.

  • Must have or obtain plastic shovel(s), calcium chloride, and metal choppers for deicing jobs.

  • Proof of residency in your city, state, or province.

  • Able to perform physical activities, such as but not limited to lifting heavy items (up to 50 lbs. unassisted), bending, standing, climbing, or walking.

  • Provide a recent profile photo of yourself meeting the following specs (similar to a passport photo):

    • Solid colored background

    • Forward-facing, centered photo

    • Full face and top of shoulders

    • No sunglasses, hat, or face mask

    • Must be well lit and in focus

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Chief Clients Officer

Anthony Scott


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Earl Vernon

Chief HR Officer

Denise Francis


Qwetina Cain

Senior Maintenance Technician