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Emergency Snow Removal

#1 provider for snow removal 

Property Size

2022/2023 Season Emergency Pricing

Small Property

  • Res. $249.99 - 6"or<

  • Com. $299.99 - 4" or<

  • $19.99 or $29.99 for every 2" above 6" or 4"

Medium Property
21' - 40'

  • Res. $299.99 -6" or<

  • Com. $349.99 -4" or<

  • $24.99 or $79.99 for every 2" above 4"or 6"

Large Property
41' - 70'

  • Res. $399.99 6" or<

  • Com. $499.99 4" or<

  • $19.99 or $29.99 for every 2" above 6" or 4"

X-Large Property
71' - 120'

XL Services Suspended

Emergency snow clearing services are expensive and based on availability. Avoid emergency pricing next time. Instead, prepare for future snowstorms and save by purchasing a planned snow service. Emergency snow clearing should catch you unprepared once (max). When you signup seasonally with the Foot Soldiers, you pay per occurrence and cancel any time. Emergency services are the only available services for owners not fully enrolled before 12 hours before snowfall is forecasted to begin. Depending on when you become a client, we aim to prepare your property with calcium chloride before the storm; at the end of the storm, we clear your snow (2" - 6" is included in the above cost), anti-ice your shoveled property. Clients can login to your client's portal to see before and after photos. We proactively communicate each step through email and/or text, so you don't have to guess.


We discount and prioritize clients with a recurring Foot Soldiers sweeping and trash (Curb) removal plan. 

Foot Soldiers Planning Team

The Legal Stuff

  • Receive your complete E-signable contract after applying for snow services. Our snow services are automatic for the current season. Cancel through text 24 hours before any storm.

  • Foot Soldiers will send a payable invoice, including a refundable security deposit and a one-time enrollment fee. You can find more info on the pricing details.

  • Foot Soldiers will email a required recurring payment approval form. Choose if you would prefer to pay via ACH, debit, or credit.

What's unique about our snow removal services?

We are FULLY insured (workers comp, G&L w/snow, and disability). 

  • NEW clients/properties enrollment process.

  • Select a snow plan based on your property size

  • Don't worry, if you make a mistake, we will help later.

  • If the snow threat level is "Not Expected or Uncertain," select an available start date you would like.

  • If the snow threat level is "Probable or Certain," all snow businesses are working hard to be reliable heroes for clients who plan.

  • Enroll ASAP, select the soonest date available online.

  • Text a screenshot of your confirmation to 718.684.1014 to request shoveling services. 

  • We want to serve you. However, please know that acquiring shoveling services when the high threat level will be difficult, delayed, and require rushed or emergency service fees.

  • Plan ahead, share this page with neighbors to help community members evade surcharges, anxiety, frustration, and potential lawsuits.

Our Art to Shoveling!

  • Unlike snow plowing services, we specialize in clearing walkways, stairs, and yards at townhouses/businesses.

  • Up to 24 hours before a storm, our Shovelers pre-treat your properties with calcium chloride.

  • Each snow shoveling service includes staircase(s), yard path, and a wide sidewalk path, like in these photos.

  • After shoveling, we spread calcium chloride, which typically melts residual snow within 20 minutes.

  • We understand the need to be time-sensitive; we typically shovel up to 6-hours after a snowfall has ended in BK.

Communication, communication, communication!

We know!

  • Automatic snow treat emails when snow is in the forecast, along with our plan of action.

  • Text notifications when your Shoveler is on its way arrive and complete.

  • We provide before and after photos in 95%-100% of completed jobs. 

Dope things about us!

  • To serve all of our properties within 6-hours, we hire local shovelers.

  • We have twenty years of experience shoveling residential & commercial pedestrian walkways!

  • Snow removal services near me? Foot Soldiers, LLC is located in Brooklyn 

  • We're a certified Minority Business Enterprise (MBE).

Pricing & Payments

  • Our online snow prices are per occurrence (not a season or day). 

  • Write off our cost!  We'll provide a year-end statement for tax purposes - consult your accountant.

Residential snow removal services near you

Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown/Prospect Heights, Clinton Hill, Bushwick, Park Slope, Williamsburg, E. Flatbush, Brownsville, Downtown Brooklyn, Carroll Gardens, Greenpoint, Ridgewood, Prospect Lefferts Gardens, and more!

Areas We Serve

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