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Never Takeout The Trash Again

We help community-minded homeowners who can't stand #dirtystreets. When seven buildings on one block sign up for cleaning services, we sweep the entire block.

Foot Soldiers Planning Team

Managing Your Trash in 4 Steps

STEP 1: Identify Needs

Dirty streets attract rats and are embarrassing. We help property owners with the cleaning management of their property and block.

We manage the following:

  • Sweeping yard/sidewalk/stairway/curb

  • Disposal of flyers, ads & menus

  • Curbing trash/recycling 

  • Replacing 45-gallon bags in bins

  • Compliantly cleaning after 8:00 PM

  • Cleaning up to 3 days per week


STEP 2: Understand the Value

We don't only clean your property; when seven neighbors join us, we adopt your block; click here NOW to see how.


  1. Reporting: Get text alerts & photos
  2. Taxes: Deductible expense
  3. Local: Our soldiers, your neighbors

  4. Transparent Pricing

  5. Reliability Guarantee!

  6. We can help: Clean your whole block

  7. Compliance: To DSNY rules

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Sweeping & Trash
1-5 Units

Property Width

S  <20' M 21'-40L 41'-70'

  • 179.99/m 1 Day/w

  • $219.99/m 2 Days/w

  • $329.99/m 3 Days/w


Additional cost for large & corner properties.


Foot Soldiers, LLC Sidewalkk cracks sweeping.jpg

Sweeping Only

Property Width

S  <20' M 21'-40L 41'-70'

  • $149.99/m 1 Day/w

  • $179.99/m  2 Days/w

  • $199.99/m 3 Days/w


additional cost for large and corner properties




Cost and Discounts

  • Annual Fee: $199.99 

  • Prices change 

  • Discount: 10% for military owners, seniors, and owners with three or more properties.

"Amazing service! Pricing range based on the size of your building and or need. Pricing is reasonable and fair, especially for the type of service and work that is being done."

Greater Mount Pleasant Housing

STEP 3: Signup & Await Estimate

Use Code: DSNY8pm 
for 15% Off 1st Month 

STEP 4: Approve the Estimate
Share this link with your block association; let's adopt-your-block

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