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Community Updates

You're not only keeping your property clean. Your membership has a more significant impact: 

  1. Helps keeps your neighborhood clean

  2. Provides essential jobs for your neighbors

  3. Funds our mission to use brooms, prayers, and families to maintain our neighborhoods!



  1. NYC Sanitation has announced new rules to reduce the time trash is left on the street for pickup. Starting April 1, 2023, garbage bags must be left directly on the curb after 8 pm.

  2. Starting Sunday, March 26, Foot Soldiers will adjust our hours to suit. 

    1. Business hours: 12:00 pm - 8:00 pm 

    2. Service hours will now be 8:00 pm - approximately midnight.

  3. If you want text notifications (OMW, start, and finish) turned off/on, text us your request. From now on, text us at (917) 994-9369. Please erase 929-930-5145 as our text number.



  1. Foot Soldiers have moved to a more stable platform for better documentation of when our porters arrive and the photos they take. 

  2. The client portal is no longer active and will be turned off completely soon. After each service, clients will receive service photos via email and upon request. 

  3. Clients will receive text notifications when employees are on their way, start, and finish the job. If you would like notifications turned off, please let us know.

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